John Kadolph here, just wanted to touch base with all players and send out a “newsletter” type thingee.


First, I want to make sure that everyone knows how to, and has signed in to their DCI account at Wizards so that you can be notified of upcoming events and other things!

If you haven’t accessed your account or don’t remember how, follow this link:


1. Enter your DCI number (The one located on your membership card (Derek, I know, I still have yours, and Eric, I have yours ready to go))

2. Enter your password.


Which leads me to the next bit – The Evaluation.

This one is a bit more tricky – I had to figure this one out myself.

First step:        Log In.

Second:           You should see an My Links box on the right and on the bottom of that box, it should say Judge Center, click it.

Third:               On the top right side you should see some icons, one of them is a shirt, and says PEOPLE, click it.

Fourth:             On the bottom of the page, it will have a drop-down menu that says NEW FILTER in it, select LAST NAME, let it refresh and type KADOLPH

Fifth:                Find the goofy picture of me, click it, then click EVALUATE under my picture on the next page.

Sixth:               Complicated looking page, look for my name under SUBJECT, follow to the right and under TOURNAMENT ROLE, click and select Organizer.

Seventh:          Find YOUR name, follow to the right and under Tournament Role, select PLAYER.

Eighth:             Select the date of play under OBSERVATION DATE (March 21st was the Game Day)

Ninth:               Look for the Compare the subject drop-down, please select as you see fit (Outstanding is always nice, but go with your gut)

Tenth:              Fill out the three boxes, Strengths, Areas for Improvements and Comments, remember that you are evaluating ME here, not the game or the DM.  Please be nice, this was our first sanctioned game and it took a bit to get my feet wet, follow their suggestions for filling the boxes and remember you are only evaluating ME.  Thanks!

Eleventh:          When you are done, look over the review and make sure it is how you want it and click PREVIEW, if all looks good on the preview page, click SUBMIT.


PHEW!!!!  You have done your first evaluation.  Thank you for taking the time to do it.  More reviews means more exposure which means more players which leads to more cool things for us to do and better prizes to give out at the end of the year!!!!  YES, I said PRIZES!!!!


If you had/have any troubles getting in or completing the eval, please give me a call at 210-363-9613 or email me.



MAY 23rd!!! 

This event is going to be GREAT!  It is to celebrate the release of the next MONSTER MANUAL!!!  They will be revealing which CLASSIC D&D monster will be re-introduced in the

MONSTER MANUAL II  !!!  (I already know what it is, but you will have to show up to find out.  We will be using level 5 pregenerated characters, and will be playing in the same format as last time.  PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THIS EVENT AND GIVE THEM MY EMAIL ADDRESS SO I CAN SEND THEM AN INVITATION!!!!  I will be receiving enough miniatures and game maps and supplies for up to 30 players!  LETS make this successful as last time and beyond!!!  Remember that anyone you want to bring to play must email or call me ahead of time so I can register them.  THANKS!!


Hope to see you all at the next game on MAY 23rd!



UPDATE! AS OF MARCH 8th, 2009, I am able to run sanctioned games

through DCI & Wizards of the Coast!

So, while this site will still be dedicated to the steadfast players in our group (of 5+ years) it will also feature upcoming events and

other news related to DCI & RPGA sanctioned events in and around the Somerset, Texas area!

MANY special thanks to Tom at WOC for helping me get this started for the Somerset area.  I hope this grows into a

great Roleplaying Community event here!  In order to participate in the events officially, you must register and get a DCI member number

so your progress can be tracked and this will also help you become eligible for benefits under the program. 



This section is going to be filled with

AD&D Core Rules Expansion resources. 

Most other sites on the web that have anything to do with this topic have been taken down , so hopefully it will be of some service.


There will also be reference to 3.5 and possibly some d20 modern.


If you click HERE, you can see some of our House Rules© under development.







This section will contain all of our current characters that we are using in our current campaign. 

(Since we are attempting to adopt 3.x, we will begin to post our converted characters as well)




This section contains pictures of the miniatures we paint.  Check out the progress we all will make in the level of detail we achieve over time.





This section will contain pictures of sculptures and other original AD&D artwork.





New monster export files will be stored here... maybe portraits to go along with them, if I can arrange it.


Check out this zombie game


We are going to attempt to chronicle the Glantri

Adventurers timeline.  This may just become a link eventually!

NICKY & JULIAN - This is the LINKS page for D&D resources

I hope they are useful!  Just click the ORB on the left!