The Glantri Adventurers:


Lord Starhawk (3.5) (3.5test)

The Mage, Amalayze (3.5)

The Wizard Merlaz (3.5)

The Elvish Warrior, Earlington (3.5)

Earlington's Mount  Telenor (3.5)

The Drow Thief Jarock(DECEASED)

The Samurai  Yuushi Kyo (3.5)

Yuushi Kyo's Mount Yuujin Izon Suru (3.5)

The Holy Man L'lll'll (3.5)

The Half Ogre Barbarian (DECEASED)

The Dwarf Mordock (3.5)

The Gnome Illusionist Vin Crystalshaver (3.5)

The Vah Shir Ranger Panthus (3.5)

The Drow Necro-Firestarter Methos (DECEASED) (3.5)

The Elf Cleric Omegas (3.5)

The Halfling Rogue Badtom Baggins (3.5)

The Half-Elf Fighter Sylkyn (3.5) ver.2