This is the first attempt at painting miniatures

by Jay, Nicky, Tali and Julian.  I'd say that for

a first time, they all did great!

Oh, I painted the Gandalf and the Green Dragon.

My Green Dragon

Julian's Wizard

Jay's Mini

Jay's Mini

Jay's Mini

Green Dragon 2

Julian's Mini 2

The whole lot


Tali's Mini

Green Dragon 3

My Gandalf 1

Nicky's Mini

Nicky's mini 2

Tali's Mini 2

Beholder 1

Beholder 2

Beholder 3

Beholder 4

New Kyo Mini 1

New Kyo Mini 2

New Kyo Mini 3

New Kyo Mini 4

New Kyo Mini 5

Green Dragon 4

My Gandalf again

I hope to repaint this old-style Frodo Baggins Mini I found.

I think he will turn out ok.